getting around BulgariaBulgaria is a country with beautiful nature and even with its small size it has everything all together – large seaside, wide and high mountains, caves, rivers and lakes for all types of sports and beautiful valleys.
  • The country has 4 international airports – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Bourgas. The airports also serve charter flights, helicopters and gliders of amateur pilots, possessing special permissions, as air corridors are provided for them by the Bulgarian aviation dispatchers.
Here are links to the airports websites:
Sofia –
Varna – – with brand new terminal!
Bourgas – – with brand new terminal!
Plovdiv –
  • Railway transport in Bulgaria is easy accessible.
The railway network covers all larger populated places in Bulgaria. Its lines cross all land borders of Bulgaria. The large European railway line Orient Express crosses the country.
Tickets for the train you can buy on every railway station.
More info for the Bulgarian Railways and booking tickets at –
  • The water border points are along the Danube river and on the Black Sea coast.
The main sea ports which perform marine transport in Bulgaria are the Varna and Burgas ports. By sea you can enter Romania through the local ports near Durankulak, and Turkey through Rezovo. These points are used for small vessels, which do not come from territorial waters.
Along the Danube River there are check points along the entire length of the river at the towns of Vidin, Lom, Oryahovo, Ruse, Tutrakan and Silistra.
Here are links to the ports websites:
Varna –
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